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STARDUST News Bytes- May 15

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STARDUST weekly tidbits is back this week, with a bit of a name change. I renamed it "STARDUST News Bytes", because I thought it was catchier. Here are some of the latest entertainment news headlines from around the world...just in case you missed them!

Johnny Depp's dogs depart Australia
Mr Depp's two dogs, Boo and Pistol are expected to depart the country in a private jet tonight, after the actor allegedly smuggled his pets into Australia bypassing Australia's strict quarantine laws. "I'm informed that Pistol and Boo are preparing to fly on a private jet back to the United States, which is the best news that I've got. Mr Depp decided he'd step around our nation's laws. Pistol and Boo have had their lives threatened by the actions of Mr Depp, as a consequence" Australia's Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce said in a statement. If Johnny Depp hadn't got Pistol and Boo out of Australia by 9:30am tomorrow the two Yorkshire Terriers would've faced euthanasia. 

David Letterman final guests revealed
David Letterman's three-night farewell begins on Monday, May 18. Tom Hanks will make his 60th appearance on The Late Show and Pearl Jam frontman, Eddie Vedder will also perform on Monday night's show. Bill Murray will be Letterman's guest on Tuesday. Murray was Letterman's first guest on the show, Late Night, which debuted on February 1, 1982 and he was also the first guest on The Late Show when it debuted in 1993. David Letterman's final show will go to air on May 20. "The show will be an hour filled with surprises, memorable highlights, the show's final Top Ten List and more" CBS revealed. 

Kim Richards officially charged for drunken hotel fight
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has officially been charged for her arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel last month. On April 16 the reality TV star was taken into custody at 2am for public intoxication. She allegedly yelled at other bar patrons, locked herself in the bathroom and kicked a police officer in the leg. Despite checking into rehab following the incident the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office has charged the 50-year-old with three counts of public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery on a police officer. If found guilty of these charges Richards could spend up to two and a half years in jail.

Cate Blanchett reveals same-sex relationships
The Australian actress has opened up about some prior same-sex relationships. Blanchett disclosed that she has engaged in romantic encounters with women "many times". The topic of sexuality came up when the 46-year-old started discussing her role in the upcoming film, Carol. The film is set in 1950s New York, and is about a female department-store clerk [Rooney Mara] who dreams of a better life and falls in love with an older, married woman [Cate Blanchett]. 

Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande team up to sing Crowded House hit
The two paired up for a performance for Miley Cyrus's Happy Hippie Foundation, which is an organisation that helps homeless youths. The girls did their own take on Crowded House's 1986 hit, Don't Dream It's Over. Both Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande were rocking onesies for the duet.

Just as a side note, I've seen the video of Miley and Ariana's performance and it's really good! Despite all of Miley's antics, I have to hand it to her she's very talented with her music. I'll put the link to a Youtube video of the duet below, and let me know what you think! Got any opinions on this week's news bytes? Leave your comments below!

         Video footage: Mileyrics Youtube channel

Information compiled from: Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and ABC News 

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