Thursday, May 21, 2015

Movie Review: Manos Arriba

Photo from: MINT Films

Star Rating 3/5:

I just recently watched an Australian comedy short film called, Manos Arriba*, directed by Sydney-based film director Andrew Seaton from MINT Films. Seaton also co-wrote the film, along with Alex Ritchard and the film is produced by Matt Webb. The film stars Ben O'Toole, Gus Murray, Bella McDiarmid, Adam Dunn and Alex Ritchard. 

 The basic plot of the film is, Brett [Ben O'Toole], some of his friends Pete [Adam Dunn], James [Alex Ritchard] and his girlfriend Flick [Bella McDiarmid] are all invited to Rauraidh's [Gus Murray] fancy dress party. Brett reluctantly attends the party, and for a while it is just like any other celebration with dancing, a bar tab and bad music. The party is in full swing when Brett goes to the bathroom, but when he returns all the guests are in fear while a violent crime is taking place. 

I love comedies, and Manos Arriba is quite funny. There were scenes that kept me entertained through the whole film, like Pete's [Adam Dunn] constant attempts to hit on the bar staff at the party, and his baby costume. I enjoyed the dramatic crime scene, even though it's a comedy film because I liked how the movie took a bit of a different turn. It kept me in suspense to see what would happen next.

Overall I thought Manos Arriba was a funny and enjoyable movie to watch. If you like typical Australian humour, then I'm sure you'll like it! Manos Arriba has its online release tomorrow, Friday, May 22nd, 2015. Check out the trailer below!

Manos Arriba trailer courtesy of: MINT Films -

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