Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RIP to Hollywood legend Robin Williams!

So I know it's been a few months since I have written a new blog post. To be honest I haven't got any excuse except laziness but that's all about to change. I have had some new inspiration from the death of beloved Hollywood actor, Robin Williams. I know that might sound funny to some people and you may think how can someone's death inspire you?...Well I'm an entertainment news writer and when something big like this happens in the entertainment world and all of Hollywood bands together in a really positive way to remember someone it reminds me why I like entertainment journalism so much. There are so many talented people in the entertainment industry that I admire and being an entertainment journalist means that I get to share that with people at times and this is one of those times. 

By now everyone is aware that the great Hollywood actor and comedian, Robin Williams died at his home in San Francisco today. My friend messaged me to tell me the news and I was in disbelief. There has only been one other person in recent history, whose death I have reacted to in that way and that is of course, Michael Jackson. I grew up watching so many of Robin Williams films like Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire and Hook. He made the world laugh and brought so much joy to families worldwide with his movies. Hollywood has truly lost one of its greatest because Mr Williams was a comedic genius and there are actually no words for me to describe how amazing an actor he was. My personal favourite Robin Williams film is Mrs Doubtfire. It makes me laugh everytime I watch it and it's actually one of my favourite films. I asked people on Facebook what their favourite Robin Williams movies are and these are the top five results...

1. Jumanji - (1995) 
Photo from: Patricia Silva's Pinterest account

 2. Hook- (1991)
Photo from: Sissy Magnusson's Pinterest account
3. Mrs Doubtfire- (1993)
Photo from: Mrs Doubtfire Facebook page
 4. Aladdin- (1992)
Photo from: Nichole Caulk's Pinterest account

 5. Flubber- (1997)
Photo from: Flubber Facebook page

I'd like to leave you all with Mork's views on losing a friend.
Video from: Orbital199M's Youtube channel

 If any of you have any favourite Robin Williams movies please do leave your comments in the comment box. Last but not least...RIP Robin Williams. You will be sorely missed!
Photo from: Ana Martinez's Twitter account

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