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2014 MTV VMA's- Live Blog

Photo from: VIP Concierge's Pinterest account

So in about ten minutes time the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards will be underway in Inglewood, California. I am live streaming the awards as I write this blog. The red carpet is currently happening and I can hear big screams from the crowd because it looks like Ed Sheeran has just arrived. I'm in Sydney, Australia so when I start blogging I will be putting the time in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) first and then Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)  second. Some favourites to win are Iggy Azalea, Beyonce and Eminem. I wonder who will take home the little moon men this year!

10am AEST/5pm PDT: Gwen Stefani has just arrived at the MTV VMA's wearing a hot pink and black outfit. She is looking stunning.

10:07am AEST/5:07pm PDT: I can see LL Cool J talking to Ariana Grande in a little box on the side of my screen, which is showing the VMA pre-show. Ariana Grande is nominated for quite a few awards this year. I'm a fan of Araina Grande so I'm hoping she picks up a few awards!

10:14am AEST/5:14pm PDT: Looks like Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift have just arrived! I absolutely love Maroon 5 by the way! I can't wait to see them perform during the actual ceremony! I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift's blue outfit with some kind of lettering on it by the way.

10:18am AEST/5:18pm PDT: Yes! Everyone's favourite little twerker...The  one and only Miley Cyrus has just arrived at the 2014 MTV VMA's. I can hear the crowd chanting "Miley, Miley"! Sorry I've been informed they're chanting "Miley twerk!" C'mon Miley do it! 

10:30am AEST/5:30pm PDT: J-Lo is in the house! Loving J-Lo's glittery, silver number. She reminds me of a mermaid.

10:37am AEST/5:37pm PDT: The Kardashian clan have arrived! Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner!

10:51am AEST/5:51pm PDT: Chris Brown aka Breezy just arrived at the VMA's.

10:59am AEST/5:59pm PDT: I can see the VMA stage getting lit up! The official MTV VMA ceremony!

11:10am AEST/6:10pm PDT: I spy Katy Perry and Katy Pery takes out the VMA for Best Female Video for Dark Horse. I unfortunately didn't get to actually hear Ariana Grande's opener because my live stream wouldn't let me. I will watch it properly later but it looked great! So stoked that Katy Perry won Best Female Video! Katy Perry is one of my favourite singers ever!

11:23am AEST/6:23pm PDT: Well that's annoying I can hear Taylor Swift's performance but couldn't hear Ariana Grande's! :(

11:28am AEST/6:28pm PDT: Ed Sheeran won the Best Male VMA for Sing.

11:39am AEST/6:39pm PDT: The VMA for Best Pop Video goes to Ariana Grande for Problems! Yes! That is one of my favourite songs at the moment! Such a deserving win! Gotta say I'm absolutely loving Ariana Grande's outfit! It's smoking hot!

11:40am AEST/6:40pm PDT: Sam Smith is now performing his song, Stay With Me! What a beautiful performance! I love that song!

11:44am AEST/6:44pm PDT: I'm watching the audience cam from the VMA's and all the Kardashian family are on their phones. Probably tweeting right?

11:49am AEST/6:49pm PDT: The VMA for Best Hip-Hop Video goes to Drake for Hold On We're Going Home

11:52am AEST/6:52pm PDT: Just while the ad breaks are on I have to say that I think my favourite dress that I've seen from this year's VMA's so far is Katy Perry's. I love it! Katy Perry you look stunning girl!

12pm AEST/7pm PDT: Usher is now performing on the VMA stage!

12:09pm AEST/7:09pm PDT: New Zealand native, Lorde wins Best Rock Video for Royals! I kind of expected that considering that it has been one of the most popular songs this year.

12:17pm AEST/7:17pm PDT: Australia's very own teen sensations, 5 Seconds Of Summer (5SOS) are now on stage! Australia represent!

12:26pm AEST/7:26pm PDT: The VMA for Artist To Watch goes to Fifth Harmony and it looks like the VMA's are doing a small tribute to the late Robin Williams! Well done guys!

12:36pm AEST/7:36pm PDT: Seriously loving Iggy Azalea's and Rita Ora's performance of Black Widow! I think it's my favourite performance of the show so far. Still waiting for Beyonce's performance so we'll see if she can top it!

12:50pm AEST/7:50pm PDT: The big award of the night Video Of The Year goes to...Miley Cyrus for Wrecking Ball! Really? I thought Beyonce would take that one!

1pm AEST/8pm PDT: Beyonce has taken the VMA stage! Everyone quiet! I love her! She's one of my favourites! All hail Queen Bey! I loved the crowd screaming "Beyonce, Beyonce!"

1:05pm AEST/8:05pm PDT: Sorry Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. Beyonce wins as my favourite performer of the MTV VMA's! The crowd is at a standing ovation!

1:07pm AEST/8:07pm PDT: "I've been drinkin, I've been drinkin". Katy Perry dancing to Beyonce with a champagne glass in her hand...she been drinkin!

1:15pm AEST/8:15pm PDT: Beyonce accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy! Almost had me in tears! Such a touching moment! There's only a handful of people who I think are deserving of a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and Beyonce is definitely one of them!

1:23 pm AEST/8:23pm PDT: Well, folks it looks like that's it for the 2014 MTV VMA's! It was really fun live blogging for y'all! Hope you enjoy reading it! A special thanks should go to MTV for their All Access live stream without which I would not have been able to do this.

My final assessment of this year's show is that I really enjoyed watching it, although it was a little tame without Miley Cyrus's twerking. My favourite outfit of the night was Katy Perry's denim dress and without a doubt my favourite performance was Beyonce's!

Watch this space tomorrow by the way, because I will be live blogging The Emmys from 8am AEST so that's 3pm PDT! I want to hear all your opinions, comments etc on this year's MTV VMA's so go crazy in the comment box below!   
















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