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66TH Primetime Emmy Awards-Live Blog

Photo from: The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards Live Stream Facebook page

The television industry's night of nights is finally here! It's almost time for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards to begin! Some favourites to win are Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Orange Is The New Black and there will be a special tribute by Billy Crystal for the late Robin Williams, which I am dying to see! Right now it is 8:16am where I am in Sydney, Australia and I am trying to find a live stream so I can actually do this live blog of The Emmys for you! Unfortunately none of the free to air TV networks in Australia are airing The Emmys live, which is very disappointing. You'd think they would considering a lot of the shows nominated are broadcast over here as well. If I can't find a live stream of the whole awards I'll be able to bring you a live blog of The Emmys red carpet at least! While I blog I will be putting Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) first and then Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) second. So my live blog of The Emmys at The Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles starts...now!

8:40am AEST/3:40pm PDT I just saw Ed O'Neil from Modern Family on The Emmys red carpet! I'm hoping Modern Family takes out the award for Outstanding Comedy Series again! 

8:43am AEST/3:43pm PDT Matt LeBlanc has just arrived at the 66th Primetime Emmys! I haven't seen him in a while. He is definitely looking like a silvertail these days!

8:52am AEST/3:52pm PDT Taylor Schilling from Orange Is The New Black is on The Emmys red carpet right now! Totally in love with her dress!

8:57am AEST/3:52pm PDT Jimmy Fallon cuts in on a Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast interview! Hilarious! Gotta love him!

9am AEST/4pm PDT Apparently Sarah Hyland from Modern Family is a fashion favourite so far for this year's Emmys.

9:05am AEST/4:05pm PDT Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report has now arrived on The Emmys red carpet! He is discussing taking over from David Letterman next year and says that he chose to take the gig because he wanted to do something different.

9:14am AEST/4:14pm PDT A true Hollywood legend Jon Voight has arrived on The Emmys red carpet!

9:21am AEST/4:21pm PDT Debra Messing is in the house at The Emmys!

9:26am AEST/4:26pm PDT Matthew McConaughey has arrived at The Emmys. I love him! He is nominated for his show, True Detective. Matthew has already won an Oscar this year. Can he win an Emmy as well?

9:33am AEST/4:33pm PDT One of the hot topics at The Emmys seems to be the series finale of Breaking Bad.

9:39am AEST/4:39pm PDT Julia Louis-Dreyfus seems to be the staunch favourite to win Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Veep. I would love Julia Louis-Dreyfus to win! I love her. She is such a great TV talent.

9:46am AEST/4:46pm PDT Jesse Tyler-Ferguson from Modern Family has just arrived at The Emmys! Can Modern Family win 5 Emmys in a row for Outstanding Comedy Series? If it does it will beat Fraiser's record!

9:52am AEST/4:52pm PDT I have just seen Julia Roberts and Sofia Vergara on The Emmys red carpet! They both look stunning! I think Sofia Vergara's dress is my favourite so far. She always wears something classy and gets it right!

9:56am AEST/4:56pm PDT For those who didn't already know Seth Myers is hosting this year's Emmys. The official ceremony is about to start in a few minutes so hopefully I can find a live stream to bring the rest of the show to you!

10:10am AEST/5:10pm PDT Found a live stream! Yes! And Ty Burrell just won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series! Yay! I love Modern Family and I love Ty Burrell!

10:19am AEST/5:19pm PDT Louie C.K. wins the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for his TV show, Louie.

10:23am AEST/5:23pm PDT I thought Julie Bowen or Mayim Bialik would win that Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

10:24am AEST/5:24pm PDT   Just while the ad breaks are on I will say that I'm loving Zooey Deschanel's dress and Seth Myers is doing an awesome job hosting so far! He's hilarious.

10:37am AEST/5:37pm PDT Julia Louis-Dreyfus has taken the stage! She looks fantastic!

10:38am AEST/5:38pm PDT The Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series is Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory! Well done Jim! I love Big Bang Theory! Big Bang Theory and Modern Family are my favourite comedies at the moment so it's great to see them take out Emmys tonight!

10:45am AEST/5:45pm PDT OMG Julia Louis-Dreyfus just won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Veep! I cheered so loud for her that I think my neighbours heard LOL! I'm so happy she won that. It is a very well deserved award. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was the favourite to win that category and she did! Well done Julia!

11am AEST/6pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Writing in a Miniseries goes to Sherlock.

11:03am AEST/6:03pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries goes to Kathy Bates for her work in American Horror Story

11:10am AEST/6:10pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries is Martin Freeman for his work in Sherlock.

11:13am AEST/6:13pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Directing of a Miniseries goes to Fargo.

11:22am AEST/6:22pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries is Benedict Cumberbatch for Sherlock.

11:28am AEST/6:28pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries is Jessica Lange for American Horror Story.

11:35am AEST/6:35pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Miniseries goes to Fargo. I loved all those Games Of Thrones jokes. I wish my sister, Liat saw that! She is like literally obsessed with Game Of Thrones. She talks about it all the time haha!

11:45am AEST/6:45pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Television Movie goes to Normal Heart, which starred Julia Roberts and Mark Ruffalo.

11:48am AEST/6:48pm PDT It wouldn't be an Emmy Awards show without a "so many Jews work in Hollywood" joke would it Sarah Silverman? Congrats on your Emmy win by the way!

12pm AEST/7pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Variety Show goes to The Colbert Report! Congratulations to Stephen Colbert! I just messaged my friend to tell her about Stephen's Emmy win as she loves The Colbert Report. She is so stoked and I quote her "Oh my goodness! That's so awesome!!! You've got to write about that". There you go Martene haha!

 12:10pm AEST/7:10pm PDT Congratulations to Aaron Paul for winning the Emmy for Most Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

12:15pm AEST/7:15pm PDT The In Memoriam segment is currently on! So many big names in entertainment have been lost this year including Ann B. Davis, Shirley Temple, Paul Walker and Mickey Rooney. 

12:17pm AEST/7:17pm PDT Oh here's the memorial that we've all been waiting for! Robin Williams! Everyone shhh...!

12:25pm AEST/7:25pm PDT What a lovely and touching tribute to the late Robin Williams by Billy Crystal. It's so appropriate to have Billy Crystal do this for his good friend. It has already been a few weeks since Robin Williams death but I still can't believe he is gone. I am such a fan. 

12:45pm AEST/7:45pm PDT    Ugh! I had a few technical difficulties and my live stream of The Emmys cut out so I missed a few awards! I'm really sorry guys!

12:50pm AEST/7:50pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series goes to Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad.  

12:55pm AEST/7:55pm PDT Modern Family wins the Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Comedy Series! Yes! Now they have beaten Frasier's record. 

12:59pm AEST/7:59pm PDT The Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Drama Series goes to Breaking Bad. Wow! I thought with the popularity of Game Of Thrones that it would win. I think Breaking Bad probably won because it was their final year though right?

1pm AEST/8pm PDT It looks like that's it from The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. It was a fun show to watch this year, despite my technical difficulties. Hope you guys enjoy reading this live blog!

I am stoked that Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Modern Family won Emmys this year! I honestly thought Game Of Thrones would walk away with something. My fashion pick of the night was Sofia Vergara. Her white dress was so beautiful! A special thanks goes to NBC for their live stream of the 66th Primetime Emmys, without this I would not have been able to bring you this live blog. Until next year folks! 

If any of you guys also watched the Emmys I'd love to know your opinions and thoughts on this year's show so feel free to leave your comments in the comment box below!



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