Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 MTV Video Music Awards- live blog

Photo from: MTV Video Music Awards Facebook page

Hello everyone! So, the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards or as they are most commonly referred to the VMA's are currently going on live as we speak at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Miley Cyrus is hosting the awards this year so they should be interesting to say the least! I'm currently live streaming the awards from Sydney, Australia so I'm blogging them as I see it. I'll time stamp my updates. Since I'm in Australia I'll be putting Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) first and then Pacific Daylight Time (PDT second. Here we go!...

10:35 am AEST/5:35pm PDT: Uh...just saw Miley Cyrus's dress, if you can call it that? To be honest I'm not impressed.

10;41am AEST/5:41pm PDT: Just realised whenever I use the #VMAs hashtag on Twitter a little moon man appears! How cool is that? (Sorry that's random I know LOL!)

10:55am AEST/5:55pm PDT: The VMA for Best Pop Video goes to...Blank Space by Taylor Swift! I love that song!

11:02am AEST/6:02pm PDT: Nick Minaj opens the show in a spectacular costume!

11:15am AEST/6:15pm PDT: My live stream cut out guys! I'm trying to get it back up or find another one hopefully!

11:19am AEST/6;19pm PDT: The VMA for Best Male Video goes to...Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars for Uptown Funk

11:31am AEST/6:31pm PDT: Did I just hear Rebel Wilson at the VMAs? Aussie represent!

11:32am AEST/6:32pm PDT: Finally got some sort of live stream back! It's not ideal, but I can work with it.

11:34am AEST/6:34pm PDT: The VMA for Best Hip-Hop Video goes to Nicki Minaj for Anaconda

11:45am AEST/6;45pm PDT: The VMA for Best Female Video goes to...Taylor Swift for Blank Space! Yes! What a deserving win. I love that song! Oh...I already mentioned that before haha!

11:56am AEST/6;55pm PDT: Demi Lovato is currently performing her new hit Cool For The Summer! I saw her performing it live on The Voice Australia a few weeks ago. It's a pretty catchy song!

12:13pm AEST/7:13pm PDT: I think Justin Bieber just cried on stage during his comeback!

12:41pm AEST/7;41pm PDT: The VMA Video Vanguard Award goes to...Kanye West. Not sure if I should be happy or disappointed that Kanye won an award named after my favourite artist? Coincidence that Taylor Swift presented his award and said the famous "I'm gonna let you finish line"? Obviously not LOL!

12:45pm AEST/7;45pm PDT: Do we have wind up music for Kanye's acceptance speech? C'mon mate! Who do you think you are? At this rate I think it should be called the Kanye West Awards Show.

12:53pm AEST/7:53pm PDT: Kanye West announced he's running for President in 2020. Please tell me he's not serious? Is he really that stupid? G-D help us all if he does. Good luck with that one America!

1:08pm AEST/8:08pm PDT: The VMA for Artist To Watch goes to...Fetty Wrap for Trap Queen. Doesn't Rita Ora look gorgeous by the way?

1:21pm AEST/8:21pm PDT: The VMA for Video Of The Year goes to...Taylor Swift for Bad Blood! Hell yeah! I love that video clip and I love that song! Congrats Taylor!

1:31pm AEST/8:31pm PDT: And Miley Cyrus closes the VMAs with a bang!

1:34pm AEST/8:34pm PDT: That's all from the 2015 MTV VMAs folks! I hope you'll enjoy reading this live blog and for those who've been following my tweets I hope you enjoyed them. I always love doing live blogs for you guys! It's really so much fun, even with some minor technical difficulties and I love getting the chance to interact with y'all. 

Just as a side note, not all the awards are presented during the awards show, so the awards that I've mentioned here are the ones that were televised live on MTV. I'll do another blog post in a bit with the full winners list. 

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