Sunday, September 6, 2015

The TV Show Tag

Photo from: Chad Syme's Pinterest account

I really enjoyed doing that music tag thing last week so I decided to do another one! This one's a TV show tag though. Hope you all like it and don't get to bored.

1) What's your favourite reality show?
2) What's your favourite drama?
3) What's your favourite comedy?
4) Favourite show as a child?
5) Favourite old TV show?
6) A show you can't stand?
7) Favourite cartoon?
8) Favourite guilty pleasure to watch?
9) Favourite anime?
10) Favourite TV show?
11) Favourite leading character in a show?
12) All-time favourite show?

The next people I'm tagging to do this are Anita Purwanto and Liat Ravia! 

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