Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monthly entertainment favourites

I decided to try something a little different with my blog. Hopefully you guys like it! I thought that at the beginning of each month I'd let you all know some of my favourite things in the entertainment world from the previous month.

First up is Taylor Swift! I've always liked her music, but her latest album 1989 is her best one yet I think! I think I've downloaded half the album onto my iPod already, since I like most of the songs on it. I loved the video clip for Bad Blood! I wish I looked that good in a super hero outfit. I saw the debut of Taylor's Wildest Dreams video clip during the VMAs yesterday. That's pretty good too, and it has Scott Eastwood in it! (Need I say more ladies? LOL!)

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I recently saw the movie Paper Towns, and was such a big of Cara Delevingne's performance in the film that she definitely makes the list on my monthly entertainment favourites. I think I already mentioned it in my review of Paper Towns, but it is one of the best movies I've seen so far this year. I was recently watching an interview that Cara Delevingne did on The Project a few months ago, and she just seems like a really down-to-earth girl. So good to see someone her age in Hollywood who's not putting on an act and not afraid to be themselves. I predict a long film career ahead for her!

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Now we come to a little guilty pleasure of mine! Not sure if I should admit publicly to watching it? Then again it seems like everyone in Australia is watching as well, right? I've been watching The Bachelor Australia this season. I never watched the previous seasons at all, so not sure why I'm liking it this year. I think perhaps Sandra's antics sucked me into it haha! I kept wanting to see who's feathers she would ruffle next, so just kept watching! To be honest I find the girls behaviour more amusing than anything else. It's good for a laugh. In any case I have a few favourite girls that I hope Sam chooses, because I reckon they seem the closest and best suited to him. I hope he chooses Heather or Snezana (or should we call her parmigana, like everyone else? Haha!)

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I've watched The Voice Australia every season so far, and when I heard that Jessie J was going to be one of the coaches for this season I wasn't too sure how she'd go, but I must say I really enjoyed watching her. She seemed to take her role as a mentor very seriously, which is what the coaches are supposed to do I think. Jessie J's advice may have seemed harsh at times, but at least it was honest unlike some of the fluff that the other coaches were going on about. I think Jessie J has the right attitude so she was definitely my favourite coach on The Voice this year!

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Now, anyone who's known me for a while will know that I'm a huge Neighbours fan. Just a hint for any UK Neighbours fans, this will contain some spoilers for you since you guys are a few weeks behind the Australian broadcast. There's a huge story line going on at the moment involving Brad Willis [Kip Gamblin] and Lauren Turner [Kate Kendall]. It's been a long time coming so I can't wait to see it all play out in spectacular fashion this week! Team Brad and Lauren all the way, so these two make the entertainment favourites this month!

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I hope you all enjoyed reading about what some of my favourite things are this month! Stay tuned next month to see what else I'm liking! 

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