Saturday, September 6, 2014

RIP to the lovely Ms Joan Rivers!

Photo from: E! Online's Pinterest account
Hollywood has lost another one of its legends! Bad news travels fast unfortunately so I'm sure that you all know by now that America's funny woman, Joan Rivers has died at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York today. Rivers was pronounced dead at 1:17pm New York time. Complications started when she stopped breathing during a routine endoscopy and was rushed to the hospital about a week ago on August 28.

Ms Rivers paved the way for many future female comedians, breaking the glass ceiling of late night television by becoming the first woman to host her own late night talk show, The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers has always had that trailblazing wit and humour, which has made audiences around the world love her. Nothing was ever off-topic with her, she talked about everything from jokes about her single daughter, Melissa to her own sex life.

Of course Rivers was famous for giving her hilarious commentary about her fellow celebrities in Hollywood. I don't think there is one celebrity in Hollywood who Ms Rivers didn't have a dig at. Her opinions may have seemed to harsh and controversial at times but she poked fun at everyone, and a lot of the time she was the butt of her own jokes. The comments were all in good fun and there was never any malicious intent in them. As Joan Rivers herself often said "I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking" and that's what she did. 

The world has lost so much laughter recently, first Robin Williams and now Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers death is such a great loss to the entertainment industry. No matter what people may say about her, she is a true stalwart of entertainment. I personally loved her and her humour because it was honest and clever. I loved her recent rant about the Gaza conflict. It was brilliant! There seems to be a great comedy lineup in the heavens at the moment with Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. I hope Ms Rivers keeps 'em laughing up there as much as she did here during her lifetime! RIP Joan Rivers you amazing lady! 

Do any of you have any favourite Joan Rivers moments or quotes? If, so I'd love to hear them so feel free to leave your comments in the comment box below. I will leave you with a recent appearance of Joan Rivers on The Late Show With David Letterman from July, 2014, which I thought was quite funny. 

                                          Video from: The Late Show With David Letterman Youtube channel


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