Friday, October 3, 2014

Parenthood farewell season kicks off

Photo from: Parenthood Facebook page

Hi guys! Yes, I know its been a few weeks in between blog posts but I had a medical emergency. It was the Jewish new year (Rosh Hashana) last week and I was cutting an apple, you know to eat my apple dipped in honey. I somehow managed to give myself a very nasty cut with the knife. Five hours of waiting in the emergency room at the hospital and a tetanus shot later I had my finger bandaged up. The bandages are still on at the moment and they come off on Sunday! Yay! So, in a nutshell it is extremely hard to type with one hand, which I am doing right now. That's the reason for the lack of blog posts. I'm trying to get everything back to normal as soon as possible though. 

I think I've bored everyone enough with my dramas so let's get straight into this. The sixth and final season of Parenthood premiered in the USA on September 25th. I'm in Sydney, Australia so unfortunately I didn't get to see the first episode of season six until a few days after the original air date. Parenthood's run in Australia has actually been very sporadic. The time slot changed so many times and it was always on late at night at about 9:30pm, as a result Parenthood has always been somewhat of an enigma on Australian television. I have always felt that if Channel 7 aired it a little earlier in the evening at about 8:30pm, and perhaps on another night not directly after Aussie family drama, Packed To The Rafters on a Tuesday it could've done well here. Parenthood has extremely loyal fans in Australia nonetheless, for those of us who do watch it. I have no idea when the sixth season will actually be airing in Australia so I'm watching it on American time (Thank goodness for internet streaming ay?)   

So the end of season five left us wondering whether Amber [Mae Whitman] was pregnant, Zeke [Craig T. Nelson] and Camille [Bonnie Bedelia] sold the Braverman family home, Adam [Peter Krause] and Kristina [Monica Potter] were about to open their new school so Max [Max Burkholder] could attend and we were left wondering what the future would hold for Joel [Sam Jaeger] and Julia [Erika Christensen]. I really enjoyed the first episode of season six! It seems like Julia is trying to move on with her life after her separation from Joel. It should be interesting to see where Sarah's [Lauren Graham] relationship with Hank [Ray Romano] goes this time around and it was so heart warming at the end to see Max try and attend Chambers Academy after Adam and Kristina had worked so hard to get it open in time.

If the first episode of the new season is anything to go by I think we will be in for a great final season. Parenthood is a show that has become very dear to my heart because the story lines are quite true to life. I am so glad that it's back for a sixth season and I will be sad to see it go. Do any of you watch Parenthood? If, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below!

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