Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Australia's own Jessica Mauboy to perform at Eurovision on Saturday

Photo from: Jessica Mauboy's Facebook page

Former Australian Idol star Jessica Mauboy will be representing Australia this week to do a special guest performance at Eurovision.

Copenhagen is definitely a long way from home for the Darwin born singer but Mauboy is keen to show Europe what she's got. "Performing at Eurovision is something I've dreamed of" the 25-year-old tweeted.  Mauboy revealed in an interview on Channel 9's Today Show on Monday that she couldn't believe it when she was invited to perform. "I am nervous! It's one of the biggest stages I've ever been invited to. I'm so proud" she said in the interview. 

The Eurovision song contest is broadcast to 180 million viewers in 37 countries. Australians are huge fans of the show. Last year 2.93 million people in Australia tuned in to watch the broadcast. This led the Eurovision committee to invite SBS to select an Australian performer to grace the stage as a guest singer for the contest. SBS's choice was Jessica Mauboy. As a guest performer Mauboy will not be competing against artists from any other countries.

I personally like Jessica Mauboy. It will be interesting to see what Europe thinks of her. I'm really looking forward to hearing what song she will be performing. I watch the Eurovision every year anyway. It is always entertaining to see. Do any of you watch Eurovision as well? If, so which countries are you looking forward to seeing? 

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