Sunday, February 16, 2014

New year new blog!

 So this is my third attempt at starting a successful blog! I have tried a few times but to be perfectly honest it is really hard to find the time to write in it regularly, especially when I have a lot of other commitments to keep on top of like college.  One of my teachers at college once told me that to have a successful blog one should try to post something up every day, or at least weekly so this what I intend to do with STARDUST. My teacher also said that a blog should really be about a specific topic that interests you and in turn others who are also interested in the topic may read and follow it. I guess that's true because then you will have regular readers, rather than readers who wane in and out depending on the topic you're writing about. My previous blogs were about different topics all the time so that's probably one reason why they haven't really worked.

 If you haven't seen the blog description already, STARDUST is an entertainment blog. I have hopes of working as an entertainment journalist so the topic was an obvious choice for me. I will be posting all the latest entertainment news from Hollywood, Australia and everywhere in between. Hopefully this time around it'll be better since I'm focusing on one particular subject and will post entries every few days.

Feel free to leave me suggestions, requests and comments on my posts! I want my readers to know some of my favourite things (cue The Sound Of Music song here LOL) so stay tuned for my next blog post when I show you some of the posters that I have on my bedroom wall (I just have to clean my room first, ha!) In the meantime if you want to know a little bit more about me feel free to read my 'About Me' section.  

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