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Happy Halloween!- My top 10 scary movie picks!

Boo! Well, I guess you can all tell what this blog post is about if the picture and title haven't already given it away! I know it's been a few weeks in between blog posts but, my little dog, Lassie has been very sick so my mind has been elsewhere. She is still very tired but she is slowly getting her energy back thankfully day by day. Lassie is very old, she's 16 so we'll see how she goes.

On a lighter topic and I know it's a bit late but Happy Halloween! Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. To be honest in Australia Halloween isn't as big of a thing as it is in the USA, Canada and some other parts of the world but it is getting more popular here each year, with people having more Halloween parties, more children going trick-or-treating and more people just dressing up in spooky costumes for fun. Some Australians aren't fans of Halloween, because they feel it has nothing to do with our culture and that's true but in Australia we have people from all over the world, who have come to live here and their food, music etc have become popular, now Halloween is gaining more popularity and there's nothing wrong with that if people wish to celebrate it. I personally love Halloween as you can probably tell and I don't really see it as a cultural thing. I just see it as a chance to have a bit of fun!  Now in the spirit of Halloween I have chosen my top ten scary movies. Here they are in no particular order of spookiness:

1)  Jurassic Park- (1995)
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I first saw Jurassic Park about a year after it came out in the cinemas. I was eight years old at the time and I thought it was the scariest movie ever. These days though I don't find it terrifying at all, but it's still a classic 90's movie!

2) House On Haunted Hill- (1959)
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Some of you may know that Vincent Price is famous for his classic horror films. I am such a fan of Vincent Price's 50's horror movies. I saw House On Haunted Hill last Halloween actually and I loved it! It's a far cry from the horror films these days, because obviously the special effects in 1959 were not as advanced as today but the mood of the film is amazing!

3) Halloween- (1978)
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To be honest I haven't actually seen Halloween all the way through, but I keep meaning to! The bits and pieces I have seen though are pretty scary and it seems like it has a good plot line.

4) IT- (1990)
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Hmm...I'm not sure where to begin with this movie? (haha!) I saw IT when I was 12 years old at a sleepover. A movie about a clown who eats children. Well, you can imagine what that would do to a 12-year-old child can't you? I was so scared after I saw IT that I slept with my light on for about two nights. I'm still not sure how my mother let me watch it at that age. 

5) The Exorcist- (1973)
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I saw The Exorcist last Halloween too. It's scary but not as much as I thought it would be. I think it's more the voice of the possessed girl, that creeped me out more than anything. 

6) The Others- (2001)
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I saw The Others when I was 14 at a friend's birthday party. I found it to be more confusing than scary to be quite honest, because the movie left me wondering who the real dead people were. 

7) Child's Play- (1988)
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This is another movie I haven't seen all the way through, but even the opening credits with the blood and the skin going down the drain actually left me feeling quite queasy so I'm guessing the movie itself is pretty damn scary!

8) Bride Of Chucky- (1998)
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I haven't actually seen Bride Of Chucky, but any film about a creepy doll is thrilling and terrifying in my book!

9) The Sixth Sense- (1999)
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I saw The Sixth Sense a few years ago when it was on television. I think it's a good movie, but for me again it was one of those films that had the hype of being so scary but it wasn't actually, except for the scene where Kyra Collins [Mischa Barton] vomits. I found that so gross!

10) The Ring- (2002)
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I only saw The Ring a few years ago but I was quite freaked out by it for a while, whenever I saw a strange ring shape somewhere I was a little scared to be honest.

So that's my top 10 scary movie picks for Halloween! I had a great Halloween by the way! I went to the movies with my sister and a few friends, because there was a special Halloween screening of Ghostbusters at Event Cinemas. It was so much fun! 

I'd love to hear what you all got up to on Halloween? Did you go trick-or-treating?, did you go to any Halloween parties? Also I'd love to know what some of your favourite scary movies are, because I may check them out sometime! So feel free to comment away people! Once again...Happy Halloween!



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